How to set Custom Robot in blogger for better SEO

Blogger and WordPress are the two blogging platform which is very much popular these days. As you all know, WordPress is considered powerful due to the availability of Various Plugins. Blogger doesn’t support plugins but the developers are continuously adding new features to it. This week, I am providing you a Search Engine Optimization Tutorials for optimizing your blogger blog. This is the third post of our “Blogger Advanced SEO Pack for Beginners and Advanced Users” series. Today, I will show you, How you can use the Custom Robot Header Tags for optimizing a blogger blog. It is an advanced tool so new bloggers always avoid its use. It can really boost your ranking and definitely traffic so I am providing you the complete setup tutorial.

Before you start using Custom Robot Header Tags in blogger, you must have proper knowledge of Different tags which are used. Without proper knowledge of different tags of Custom Robot Header Tags, you won’t be able to use it properly. In this case, it can do much harm as well so let us know the meaning of all tags.

Have a look at the above-attached figure and read the meaning of each tag carefully before applying them to your blog.

How to Setup Custom Robot Header Tags in Blogger for Better SEO?

Just follow the below given steps and enjoy:

  • First of all, Sign into your Blogger Account.
  • In Blogger’s Dashboard, Click on “Settings”. The below-given figure shows the same:
  • In Settings, Click on “Search Preferences” option. After doing that, you will see a new screen on the right side. Just click on “Edit” link which appears beside “Disabled” option of  ”Custom Robot Header Tags” option. The below given figure shows everything clearly.
  • Just enable this option by choosing the “Yes” radio button. After choosing “yes” option, You will see the below-given screen:
  • If you have already read the above-provided information, which tells the meaning of all tags, you can easily apply the best settings for your blog. If you are confused, just apply the below-given settings.  The below-given settings are recommended by me.
  • That’s it for the settings part. Just click on “Save Changes” button and you are done.